Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ted Stevens is not Don Siegelman

If you're wondering who Don Siegelman is, he spent time in prison because of a political prosecution engineered by Karl Rove. This is not his story.
The charges against Ted Stevens have been dropped. What's more, the judge is targeting the original prosecutor's from the Department of Justice for contempt of court... to me this looks like another botch from the Bush-era DOJ. They're even bringing it military lawyers, you can tell the department is in bad condition when they need to do that.
The most amusing part is the outpouring of sympathy that Stevens has gotten. Mainly, these come from the usually beltway insiders and Republicans. Chris Matthews made the howler that "the charges should never have been brought." Don Young would like to see Stevens as governor of Alaska... watch out Sarah Palin. Palin for her part maintains that Begich should resign because this "tainted" the election.
Nonsense. Ted Stevens is not a martyr, indeed, this is a very lucky break for him. There is nothing "alleged" about the floor his crony's added to his house, and he should be thanking his lucky stars that he's not doing time thanks to the mess the DOJ is in.

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