Friday, March 13, 2009

Michael Steele Countdown Clock

Yes, Michael Steele stepped in it again, this time over abortion. Steele said both that abortion is an "individual choice" and best left to the states (facepalm). He retracted the comment. Mike Huckabe called the comment as "a violation of the most basic of human rights." Steele also described being gay as not a choice. This is all obvious to me, but in the Republican party, you can't say these things.
This post points out, the shortest serving RNC chair in history is C. Wesley Roberts (his son is Pat Roberts, who is still in the US Senate). Roberts was removed as chair after four months for corruption. I'm not sure that Steele can make it that far.
Steele's likely replacement is Katon Dawson, practically a crypto-segregationist. I'm sure that will be an even bigger disaster.

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