Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cramer vs. Stewart

There have been larger spats: Jefferson vs. Adams, Stalin vs Trotsky etc. Still, I'm definitely loving the fight between Jon Stewart and unhinged Mad Money host Jim Cramer. On thursday, I will be watching with baited breath as Cramer appears on the Daily Show. The story thus far:
It started when Rick Santelli called underwater homeowners losers, Jon Stewart responded by lampooning Santelli's CSNBC. Santelli had just wussed out of an interview on the Daily Show, perhaps having some inkling of the treatment he was in for. Here's the original the made such a stir.

Jim Cramer responded to this segment saying he was taken out of context:
Take Frank Rich and Jon Stewart. Both seize on the urban legend that I recommended Bear Stearns the week before it collapsed, even though I was saying that I thought it could be worthless as soon as the following week. I did tell an emailer that his deposit in his account at Bear Stearns was safe, but through a clever sound bite, Stewart, and subsequently Rich -- neither of whom have bothered to listen to the context of the pulled quote -- pass off the notion of account safety as an out-and-out buy recommendation. The absurdity astounds me.

The Daily Show then issued a faux-apology
The Daily Show then issued a faux-apology
Jim Cramer made the rounds, criticizing Stewart, soliciting yet another response from Stewart.
That's where we stand today. As I mentioned, Jim Cramer is going on the Daily Show... big mistake, there's an outside chance that Stewart will roll-over, but if not, Cramer will not look good.

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