Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hitchens Beaten

Huffington Post:
The assault on Christopher Hitchens' body continues - he's been waterboarded, body-waxed and suffered through countless hangovers.

In the latest incident, Hitchens sustained gashed knuckles and bruises in a vicious street brawl with shoe-shopping thugs during a Valentine's Day night out on the streets of Beirut.

Hitchens, the chain-smoking, hard-drinking, intellectually ambitious Vanity Fair columnist, was beat up during the altercation, according to several blogs.

Hitchens was apparently visiting Beirut at the invitation of the Hariri-Saudi group, affiliated with the assassinated Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, when he defaced a poster for the Syrian Social Nationalist party and was assaulted by some members of the SSNP who happened to be walking by, according to the Angry Arab News Service.

Hitchens is an odd fellow. I recommend his book "God is Not Great" and his collection of atheist works "the Portable Atheist", but his columns are nearly incoherent (drinking perhaps?)
Considering his recent outspokenness as an atheist, it's most people would have expected him to get in a brawl with a group of religious fanatics. Instead, he got beaten by a wily group a nationalists who were, reportedly shopping for shoes.
The SSNP, by the way, is a Syrian Nationalist party that believes Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, the Sinia, Cyprus, Iraq and Kuwait should all be incorporated into Syria. The Lebanon branch is unsurprisingly pro-Syrian. Probably Hitchens distaste for the SSNP comes from a distaste for the gangsters running Syria as well. Abu muqawama points out that what Hitchens did was the equivalent of disrespecting the local gang in rougher parts of LA. Not smart.

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Matt S said...

However, I think the take home point is that, uh, the people who beat him up were thugs. His disdain for thuggish rulers/followers seems to be well-supported, given the beating.