Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rod Blagojevich: the Best thing Since the Nixon Tapes

Rod Blagojvich, who has been engulfed by a cloud of scandals for some time, declared that anyone could tape him, if they wanted to, but, he warned "it smells like Nixon and Watergate.
I agree it smells like Nixon and Watergate, though compared to Rod Blagojevich, Nixon is a class act.
One always had to wonder with Richard Nixon: why did someone committing such abuse of presidential power tape everything going on in the Whitehouse (with the exception of the the notorious 18 1/2 minute gap). Even stranger though: why on earth would anyone ever try to sell a public office (senate seat vacated by the president-elect, no less) on a tape he had good reason to think was tapped. The taps kinda remind me of the Nixon tapes, full of profanity and incriminating comments. At the Daily Beast they have a test where you identify quotes by Tod Blagojevich and Tony Soprano. I went 10/10, not surprising, I watch the Sopranos all the time. Still, the two sound similar.
For 5 weeks, Illinois was considered an amazing place. Now the Obama magic has dissipated, and we're back to good old fashioned Illinois politics. Of the last 5 governors, 3 have been indicted. Perhaps they'd save on transportation by having the prison next to the governors mansion.

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