Thursday, December 11, 2008

Killing the Auto-Deal

Yes, apparently it's died again, probably for the last time until Obama and the new congress takes over
John Judis:
Here’s what bothers me. Japanese companies, which for years have benefited from one-way deal by which they could sell cars in the U.S. while U.S. companies were stymied in selling cars and trucks in Japan, set up non-union plants in low-wage, low-education, right-to-work states where they can pay less wages and benefits to their workers. Of course, in Japan, these same companies recognize and work with unions, but not here, where they have a chance to undercut American firms that work with unions. Corker and these other great patriots want to allow these Japanese companies to dictate the wages and benefits that American companies pay their workers. It’s despicable. Imagine, for a moment, American companies being allow to operate in this manner in Japan or South Korea. It would not happen.

The Republicans did refuse to take a responsible stand in this crisis. Apparently, they hate unions so much (and like foreign automakers) that they wouldn't mind seeing a car company bankruptcy so long as they don't cave to the unions. Real good going, guys.

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