Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Obama and the Democrats Are Still Going To Win

...especially if we keep up the strong GOTV game.

Here's an excerpt from the latest NRSC email:
One week ago, I asked you to support our Get-Out-The-Vote efforts, and we had a tremendous response.

All told we helped state parties put 364 field organizers on the ground in battleground states -- including an additional 12 people in Mississippi because of your support last week alone.

I need your help again.

Right now, liberals are outspending us on TV by $236,124 in Minnesota to elect Al Franken and $350,000 in New Hampshire to install another tax-and-spend liberal in the Senate.

And to make matters worse, the DNC just announced they are going to spend an additional $5 million on attack ads against our candidates.

You came through for us last week -- now I need your help again. We need your help today to boost our TV ad buys for the next 7 days.

An additional 12 people in Mississippi? Jeez, they must be really hurting. And also sorely lacking in party faithful right now. I get the sense from reading reports at fivethirtyeight and elsewhere that Obama has 364 field organizers in one or two states alone, not to mention hordes of enthusiastic volunteers. I don't think the Republicans get it. I think in an election year like this, when Obama and the Democrats are connecting neighbors and fellow citizens with each other in a well funded but people-centered way, it's a sign of the Republican's true ideas about a centralized government that most of their campaigns boil down to a few organizers in understaffed campaign offices and a bunch of negative ad buys. The Republican party: by and large a group of a few committed ideologues with a bunch of money and no enthusiastic volunteer support from the common people?

Sounds like a great strategy for governing a democracy, if you ask me.

-Matt S

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