Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm (kind of) back

The ridiculousness of this campaign has started to boil my blood, and so perhaps you all might be reading some more quips by me in the next few weeks.
Two things: I normally am very inquisitive and enjoy reading a number of blogs and newspapers/magazines and watching the news. However, the number of really, incredibly, undeniably stupid and/or un-American statements and activities by the Republican party and its various members in the past month has been so staggering I can hardly stop to reflect on one before a new scandal emerges. In the same day, in the same day it has not only come to light that Palin doesn't know what the Vice President's constitutional role is (and she spoke in kiddy terms to a journalist about it), but also the fact that the RNC spent over 100,000 dollars buying upscale, elitist clothing from Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue, to clothe Mrs. Main Street anti-elitist herself. My head is starting to hurt, and it's not because I'm still recovering from a 22 hour day trying to apply for a room-and-board scholarship so I can afford to continue attending Michigan with some level of comfort, given the recent economic hiccup we've experienced.

The second item:
I am an Eagle Scout. You don't get to be an eagle scout by practicing satanism or anarchy, much less socialism. You don't get to be an Eagle Scout by being un-American.
And I will tell all of you who are reading this, I have retired the physical flag a number of times, once even presiding over the ceremony myself while training others how to properly do so. This election cycle, Republicans in office should just plain retire (and those running, drop out) but instead they have decided to do something else - retire what the flag stands for.
I'm looking at you, Robin Hayes and Michelle Bachmann. Uncle Sam vomits every time you two and your top-tier cohort say "un-american" or "real america".

Matt Steele out.

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