Monday, October 27, 2008

campaign updates

Two quick campaign updates.

The first is that I'm really, truly, so proud of my home state of Kentucky right now. The tolerance, the intelligence, the curiosity that leads a disturbing number of them to think that Obama is a Muslim or not a christian just makes my heart soar like a hawk. Couldn't we just roll out Keith Ellison (D-MN) and have him take the fall as the evil, plotting, Manchurian, radical Muslim in our government? I actually used that a few times (minus the satire) during the primaries, to positive effect. It's much easier to tell people in Kentucky (or elsewhere, I'm sure) that they're confused about two different black men, rather than to give them an answer that straight up contradicts their Stone Age prejudices.

The second update is that McCain must seriously be low on cash right now. Behold this latest campaign email:

"John McCain 2008

Can you invest a few days of your life to make history?

McCain-Palin 2008 is looking for volunteers who are willing to spend the final days of the campaign helping in a nearby state. Deployed volunteers will participate in a number of Get-Out-The-Vote activities. These activities will include making phone calls and going door to door.

Deployed volunteers will be unpaid and participants will be responsible for arranging their own transportation and housing; unfortunately, the campaign is unable to reimburse any expenses.

If you can afford the time and expense to serve the final days of the campaign through the election on November 4th, please apply on line at and pack your bags!

Thank you!

Joni Gossett, Deputy Director of Volunteers"

Meanwhile, out of the goodness of my own heart I declined to have the Obama campaign reimburse me for my $10 gas bill (I'm not sure if I even used that whole amount). But seriously, Obama is subsidizing cross-country trips for hordes of dedicated volunteers and the RNC has given up on caring about their national ticket.
I can only hope it isn't because the corporations and defense contractors have taken their bribes across the aisle in anticipation.

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