Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Everybody Freeze!

John Mcain has evidently shouted "stop the campaign, I want to get off!". According to the official McCain line, McCain decided that he was far too important to be wasting time on anything as trivial as politics and the like. Perhaps it is for the best, McCain's campaign didn't seem to be going anywhere good anyway. This decision has the mercy of a terrible show being cancelled halfway through the season. Or it would if I believed that this actually represented a stoop in the campaign, rather than politics by other means. This is as naked and contrived a political stunt as I've ever seen.
Most importantly, McCain wants to cancel the debate. Dammit, McCain, just when I had planned a party around the debate. Why should my political entertainment be disrupted for your political theater?
George Sr. refused to debate Clinton for the longest time, until he was approached by a man in a chicken suit, and was drawn into a debate over whether he was in fact a chicken. McCain seems pretty inclined to duck this debate (or let Sarah duck it). Pretty chickenshit.

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