Friday, August 29, 2008

Quayle Redux

Sometimes, when I sleep, I leave the radio tuned to NPR. This way, my dream merely provides visual for whatever news story I happen to be listening to. This was the case when I heard the news the Palin was selected. When I heard it, I though "this must be a dream" and woke up only to find it perfectly true.
This choice shows John McCain's contempt for the intelligence of the electorate, especially conservatives and women. He's wrong about women, but is probably right about conservatives. Right-wing pundits seem to already believe she's Reagan with a vagina. I heard Abramoff associate Ralph Reed on NPR talking about her fight against corruption, which is rich (side note: Palin claims to fight government waste, for example by opposing the "bridge to nowhere". This isn't true.) It makes sense conservatives like her, she's pro-gun, pro-life, pro-creationism. Just the kind of ideologue that the right likes.

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