Thursday, July 3, 2008

sick sick sick

What's been making the blog rounds lately is the story of a tactic I never thought would happen: Republican operatives are pretending to be disgruntled hillary supporters, and they're setting up a network of websites to tear down the Obama campaign. Apparently opposing him on policy would be too difficult.
The ringleader website/blog is called PUMA PAC and from research at TPM
it appears that a ring of about 50 to 100 bloggers are setting up a number of accounts to create the impression that all 18 million Hillary supporters won't vote for Obama, Hillary must be the nominee. How that accommodates the 18+ million who voted for Obama, I don't know, but their posts are quite frightening. You take four parts conservative rage, three parts bullshit, and one part random Democrats who appear on CNN who don't unwaveringly support Hillary Clinton (still), and you get PUMA PAC .
In short, this is the sleaziest, most disgusting pile of trash I have ever seen in a long time. gah.


Ted said...

What about PUMA's for PALIN?

Ted said...

Check this out --

Matt S said...

I have yet to see a reason for PUMA's existence. It's so much like George Carlin's observation that most feminists are middle class white women who want more for themselves and don't stop to think about anyone else, let alone women of other income and race brackets.