Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McCain's Plan for Iraq

McCain's plan for Afghanistan and Iraq:
Afghanistan say that they need at least three additional brigades. Thanks to the success of the surge, these forces are becoming available, and our commanders in Afghanistan must get them. But sending more forces, by itself, is not enough to prevail. In the 18 months that Senator Obama has been campaigning for the presidency, the number of NATO forces in Afghanistan has already almost doubled -- from 33,000 in January 2007 to about 53,000 today. Yet security has still deteriorated. What we need in Afghanistan is exactly what Gen. Petraeus brought to Iraq: a nationwide civil-military campaign plan that is focused on providing security for the population. Today no such integrated plan exists. When I am commander-in-chief, it will.

This sounds an awful lot like he's trying to emulate someone else's plan for Iraq. I wouldn't put to much stock into the plans having anything more than superficial similarity... Obama wants us to get out and this focus on Afghanistan (Obama has been saying this a long time, McCain just started). McCain, besides wanting us to know that the surge is super-successful, he wants to keep permanent bases ("100 years in Iraq") etc.

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