Friday, July 11, 2008

echo chambers

As the presidential election season continues, I'm taking a moment here to address echo chambers. I don't like them, because when you talk to someone outside of it, they don't listen to you or believe you, and you do the same to them. This year, I think the extent to which echo chambers have developed in this country has really been apparent. There are the non-Republican partisans who inhabit the PUMA pac blog and sincerely believe that (ridiculous and illogical) message, the people who actually think John McCain is a great candidate (hah!), the people who think that people who don't like Obama are racist, the Ron Paul revolutionaries, the liberals who are cutting down Obama while hemming and hawing over FISA (as pissed as I am about it), the people who watch Fox News, the people who watch corporate media in general, and the primary season in general showed how easily we can become divided. I find myself constantly evaluating whether or not I'm operating from a truth standpoint or an ideological standpoint, spending most of my time on Talking Points Memo or Pharyngula, watching MSNBC (with a watchful, discerning eye). So with my favorite paraphrase of Plato in mind - "it's not what you want to be the truth, but what is the truth" - I give you a few conservative blogs I find readable and reasonable enough to warrant perusal.

is an economics blog run by a UofM prof.
Division of Labour is a group blog run by mostly conservative economists, though for a while I thought one or two were liberals. Seems pretty centrist/capitalist to me.
The Classroom Conservative is a canadian prof who doesn't talk too much politics but I like his style, so what the hey.

That's it. I'm sure there are other conservative blogs that are run by nice people, but these I got from a list off of Pharyngula about the 100 best academic blogs.

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