Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the gays and their marriage

I'm sure everyone already knows that gays can get married in California, since at least a few hours ago. I may be a straight man, but this makes me so happy, and proud for our country that we've come at least this far. I remember when my home state of Kentucky banned gay marriage, the next day I saw a gay friend looking like some of the spark of life had been taken out of him. I mean, you try to be cheerful when your fellow citizens tell you that you're not allowed to legally express your particular love for someone else. Imagine if we next banned infertile women from being married, or fat people, or even just people who engage in heterosexual S&M with their spouses or partners?
Marriage is an important partnership to a lot of people, and one thing that will make that partnership more meaningful to me - if I ever get married - is if everyone can share in that experience, not just straight people.

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