Saturday, June 28, 2008

Debunking Creationism

My friend Patrick Julius has an opinion in the Ann Arbor News.
This is in response to Scott Nelson's June 13 Other Voices essay on evolution and creationism, which presented a very misleading view on the subject.

First and foremost: Evolution (more properly known as the Modern Synthesis) is a scientific theory so firmly established and so foundational to the life sciences that it is absolutely accepted by the whole of the mainstream scientific community. That National Academy of Sciences which Nelson keeps bashing? That's a professional organization representing thousands of the most prestigious scientists in the United States. Nelson appears to have absolutely no scientific credentials, and yet purports to tell the National Academy of Sciences what is and is not scientific.

And yes, evolution is as well-established as the theory of gravity; actually, a good bit better established, because the theory of gravity as we know it currently runs into problems at very small (subatomic) and very large (galactic) scales. Evolution as far as we can tell runs into no serious roadblocks, anywhere, ever. Everything it has ever been asked to explain, it has - and more.

Read the whole thing.

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