Thursday, May 1, 2008

In Tibet

One thing this Olympic has done is focus some attention the issue of Tibet. To the Chinese, this issue is clear-cut... one of the uglier aspects of this olympics has been the crowds of Chinese people demonstrating solidarity with there government. In a way, this very much reminds me of American attitudes toward Iraq- a mixture of bitterness toward scolding outsiders, a feeling that those "liberated" are ungrateful and high-handed arrogance. An attitude which is disgusting in Americans is equal contemptible when Chinese citizens express it.
The Chinese occupation of Tibet is wrong morally. It was an act of aggression, made worse by the later killings, cultural vandalism and flooding of the outer provinces of Tibet with Han Chinese (an act against international law). Apologists assert that Tibet has long been part of China, to which this New York Times op-ed is a corrective. The act of invading Tibet was no more legitimate than Iraq marching on Kuwait and declaring it "our 19th province".
My co-blogger has previously posted on this is issue, and you can see my own take on dealing with China here.

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