Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I want to move on already

I understand that Clinton has every right in the world to keep up her nomination fight, but some of the whining on her side has been particularly extraordinary. Here we have Terry McAuliffe praising Fox News as the most responsible network in this most biased of political campaigns.

I would like to say something about the state of the race as it pertains to the media. A lot of people have been deeply, emotionally affected by the media in this race, and I think the majority of them are Clinton supporters who have a feminist bent. I'm a feminist too, and I also disapprove of the way Chris Matthews and others are allowed to make misogynistic and racist comments on air (as well as the Clinton camp's attempt to emasculate Obama), and I feel for the DNC and Howard Dean not doing much to stop it all.
But there's an important point that I've recently come to realize and want to point out - the majority of stupid crap that gets spewed in this country, is on television news. I understand that it's easy to watch tv news and think you're learning something, but the reality is that I can read my local paper, check Talking Points Memo, and read an article or two somewhere, all in the time it takes Lou Dobbs or Chris Matthews to ask me if Jeremiah Wright hates America as much as feminists do. It's the simple truth. I want to start something this election cycle if I can get a platform for it - The Matt Steele Media Challenge.

It goes like this: How much TV news do you watch? How much news are you actually getting, how much stated opinion are you actually getting, and how many offhand remarks do you hear?
For all the time you would spend watching overpaid pundits run their mouth about the days' news and controversy, spend that time instead reading the news and checking out opinion articles (bonus points for articles that link sources for accuracy). I guarantee you'll be a better voter in the fall.

(posted by Matt S)

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sockrateaser said...

I generally find that, unless you count Jon Stewart and Colbert as news, the only news worth watching it Frontline.