Thursday, May 29, 2008

Help Beat McCain Quickly, Easily

Chris Bowers of OpenLeft has rebooted (in new, fresher form) his successful 2006 campaign of "Googlebombing," or strategically manipulating the hits that come up when low-information swing voters attempt to research their candidates on search engines. This time, of course, it's for our friend John McCain.

Chris explains the campaign in detail here.

Help out now by doing what I'm doing: every time you write about McCain online--on any website or blog of your own, etc.--make sure you link John McCain's name to one of the 9 stories that we hope to get out there. They are all poll-tested, and likely to be effective at damaging him in the eyes of people trying to learn about Mr. McCain.

Let's get to it. Let's fucking tear the hell out of asshole John McCain, the idiot wannabe Maverick who is in fact too angry, incoherent, uninformed, and corrupt to deserve to be President of our country.

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