Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fifty More Years of Cuban Dictators? Under Obama, Perhaps Not

Obama is taking heat from McCain for rejecting the conventional wisdom of not doing anything new to our Cuba policy. Leave it as is, I'm sure some have told him. Don't upset those Cubans in South Florida (so many electoral votes!). Don't upset anyone. Period.

But he is challenging the ridiculous idea that, since the last fifty years of not negotiating with Cuba resulted in zero changes in their government and its practices, another fifty years might as well be tried, too. Thank God. Someone had to.


sockrateaser said...

I agree, Obama's willingness to break with the bankrupt consensus, at least as far as talking to our enemies, is wise.

Matt said...

NO! YOU CAN'T TALK TO COMMIES THAT'S UN-AMERICAN. YOU'RE ONLY ALLOWED TO TALK TO DEMOCRACIES AND CAPITALIST OLIGARCHIES AND DICTATORSHIPS. Just look at John McCain, he's got a guy in his campaign that'll help him do good work for... I mean with Burma.