Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Constant Race-Baiting (and HRC claims that it will prove decisive) are simply factually inaccurate (now with evidence!)

Empirical evidence that Wright and tying Obama to him doesn't matter at ALL, via Ben Smith:

The AP calls a tight race for Democrat Travis Childers in Mississippi, a win for the DCCC and a symbolic win for Obama, the GOP bogeyman of choice in the conservative Mississippi district, and a very bad sign for House Republicans.

This is the reddest of red congressional districts, one that went 62%-37% for George W. Bush in 2004. If race-baiting and Wright association (via Obama association) can't hurt a candidate here, how the hell will it hurt Obama in the fall ANYWHERE else in the entire country?

The pundits should be intellectually rigorous enough to call the Wright flap DEAD, which it clearly now is.

Thank you very much.

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sockrateaser said...

According to most speculation, while most macro-indicators are good for Dems, race is the wild card. This is especially good news for this reason.