Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Petraeus/ Crocker: the Sequel

Doubtless all the readers of the Punditburo remember the Petraeus/ Crocker hearings, a classic government and media pseudo-event if there ever was one. The sequel, another round of hearings held today, will clearly follow the same basic narrative. Like most sequels (the Godfather part II being an exception) this one does not look very good.
These hearings are insulting to the intelligence of the public. We don't need the government to tell us what to think about the situation in Iraq, any intelligent person can draw his or her own conclusions.
One of the Bush administration's favorite strategies is to hide behind credible and popular mouthpieces, especially generals (think of Colin Powell), then discard these people once there credibility and popularity has been used up. If Bush wants to defend his strategy before congress, the honest thing to do would be to send a political appointee. It seems inappropriate for a general to so obviously take sides in a partisan political dispute. It makes sense only if we consider the army the President's personal militia.
Though Bush's attempt to hide behind Patraeus has not stopped his popularity from sliding, it has been successful in one regard. The administration looks ready to run-out the clock, handing their mess over to whoever the next president may be.
(Posted by Ewan)

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