Monday, April 21, 2008

A Modest Proposal

Well respected and "liberal" foreign policy analyst Michael O'Hanlon takes the position that in order to win in both Iraq and Afghanistan, we need to put begin admitting foreign people into our army. He thinks Rumsfeld will be remember "tragically" because he failed to do so. This seems like a wonderful imperial solution to our imperial predicament. After all, it worked so well when the Romans when they began recruiting Germanic tribes to fight their wars for them. It was also effective for the Byzantines, not least as weapon in controlling the populace.
An even better solution is that of the British empire. Instead of sending people to jail, we could send them to fight out imperial war. This solution kills to birds with one stone. We can put the population of our gulag state to good use and dominate the rest of the world. We'd never have a shortage of man-power. 1/4 of prisoners in the world are in the United States.
Where's the downside?
(Posted by Ewan)

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