Thursday, April 10, 2008

McCain reveals himself

To me, this excerpt from a John McCain campaign emails once again proves what we at the Punditburo know and fear about John McCain - that his grasp of foreign policy, world affairs, global history, whatever you want to call it, is ignorant and flawed. His views on Iraq are either what they are because he's pandering to the base (which defeats his straight talk cred) or he sincerely thinks that we're in some kind of war with clear cut victories. As Juan Cole recently said at a recent discussion at the University of Michigan's Residential College, we are in the unique place of being responsible for the de-colonization of Iraq. We are a colonial power 150 years too late, and now we have to clean up the mess without reaping the previous benefits. But I digress ( just a little, and only to show what Prof. Cole's esteemed opinion is). The offending excerpt is this:
On issue after issue, never in recent memory has there been such a stark difference in the direction that opposing candidates want to lead America. I intend to win the war in Iraq and bring our troops home with honor in that victory. Senators Clinton and Obama want to surrender and withdraw our armed forces.
I don't mind bringing our troops home with honor, but honor to me might be a little different than McCain, seeing as he's a hawkish veteran/former POW with a temper, and I'm an Eagle Scout who wants to see world peace and a US military that doesn't torture.

(posted by Matt)

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