Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Joe Lieberman: Hack

In a previous post, a criticized a column by Bill Kristol making Obama out to be a bit of a marxist.
Joe Lieberman was asked about that column on Fox News (not altogether unsurprising).
Here's how it went:
NAPOLITANO: Hey Sen. Lieberman, you know Barack Obama, is he a Marxist as Bill Kristol says might be the case in today’s New York Times? Is he an elitist like your colleague Hillary Clinton says he is?

LIEBERMAN: Well, you know, I must say that’s a good question. I know him now for a little more than three years since he came into the Senate and he’s obviously very smart and he’s a good guy. I will tell ya that during this campaign, I’ve learned some things about him, about the kind of environment from which he came ideologically. And I wouldn’t … I’d hesitate to say he’s a Marxist, but he’s got some positions that are far to the left of me and I think mainstream America.

So, Joe would hesitate to call him a marxist. Well, I'm glad.
But what is he talking about when he says some of Obama's positions are "far to the left of me and I think mainstream America"?
Matt Yglesias thinks that it might be because Obama is a member of the fringe two thirds of America that opposes the war.
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