Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary Wins

Jon Chait:
In general, I think the coverage of Pennsylvania is wildly overblown. What happens tonight is not going to effect the outcome of the nomination. Obama will be the nominee, and the only thing that could stop him would be a massive scandal. If Wright and Bittergate couldn't dent his standing, a loss in Pennsylvania won't, either. The only thing the Pennsylvania results could possibly change is the timing of Clinton's departure, and even that won't happen unless Obama somehow pulls off a shocker upset win.

The conventions and structural biases of journalism dictate that importance must be read into whatever outcome occurs, but the fact is, it really doesn't matter.

So hillary won, but it doesn't matter all that much. The journalist need to make this into a big event, but it's not. Maybe her fundraising will pick up a little, but it's not a big deal. Big picture is still the same, and super-delegates will still cut to Obama by a large margin, mainly because there is no way for Hillary to win more pledged delegates. Will this Democratic presidential contest never end? I feel as if it has been going all of my life. What frustrates me most is that the super-delegates already know they want Obama, they are just waiting for "cover" to declare their preference. How much more will our party endure because of this cowardice?
What has annoyed me the most about this is how the media is keeps asking: is this because of Wright and "bittergate"? It's a dumb question, everyone was predicted this outcome weeks ago. We don't need stupid pseudo-scandals to explain it.
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