Friday, April 25, 2008

Expelled? No, defected.

It appears that a hardcore "Hillraiser" (someone who raised at least $500,000 for HRC's campaign), Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon, is defecting to Obama's camp. This, even after Hillary's spectacular comeback in Pennsylvania. To me, and others, this seems like big news, especially since this guy was a Clinton-appointed ambassador from '94 - '98.

Among the reasons for Guerra-Mondragon to defect, according to one informed source, was he was uneasy with the tone of the Clinton campaign and was beginning to worry about what this would mean for the general election.

It's unclear if this defection will lead to others; the Clinton camp has been particularly effective at getting folks to keep their powder dry. For Obama, this comes at a time when his campaign is trying to re-convince insiders that the math indicates he has the nomination virtually wrapped up. In addition, Guerra-Mondragon's defection could serve as a tipping point with some key Hispanic Democratic leaders that Obama is ready to start making a bigger effort to court Hispanics.

Is it too late to ask for his money back? Either way, his actions are probably speaking louder than any donation.

(Posted by Matt S.)

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