Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comics time + some comments

First, the comic by Matt Bors

Second, this primary season is starting to irk me. It's proving to me why John Edwards should have been top dog in this - he was already a fighter, so getting nasty would be like "oh look, he ripped his opponent a new one. hm." Actually, I guess he was trying to stick to issues, but point is, he was a fighter already. Obama's bleeding hope with every swipe Hillary makes, and recent polls show that Obama and Hillary supporters are increasingly sick of the other candidate, and a mid-june nomination wrap-up is the only way to go. To me, if Hillary gets any more nastier, I might just be an anti-McCain bulldog - not a starry eyed pro-Hillary guy - and grudgingly cast my ballot.

Third, people of various media and non-media backgrounds have been talking about electability lately, and I guess that's a legitimate issue. Apparently Hillary is now leading in the electability poll. But as Stephen Colbert pointed out last night, we picked John Kerry for his electability. In fact, there were several metrics that showed how electable John Kerry was, and look how that worked out for him. And to me, if we should enshrine polls on such a freakin' high alter, why not turn over our elections to John Zogby and just call it a day already, since apparently all of these polls account for the Electoral College and such. And also these polls can predict all future gaffes, scandals, revelations, and the acquirement of new knowledge and perspectives. Right.

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