Saturday, March 8, 2008

Time for Hillary to Go!

Whether Obama will be a good president (or, as his critics say, he is substanceless), one must give him credit that it appears he has successfully defeated the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, Bill and Hillary. Ohio and Texas didn't change the fact that this is still a wrap for Obam, and the longer Clinton sticks around, the more damage she does to the party. Jon Chait explains why it is necessary for her to leave the campaign scene as soon as possible in a column worth reading.
Clinton's path to the nomination, then, involves the following steps: kneecap an eloquent, inspiring, reform-minded young leader who happens to be the first serious African American presidential candidate (meanwhile cementing her own reputation for Nixonian ruthlessness) and then win a contested convention by persuading party elites to override the results at the polls. The plan may also involve trying to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations, after having explicitly agreed that the results would not count toward delegate totals. Oh, and her campaign has periodically hinted that some of Obama's elected delegates might break off and support her. I don't think she'd be in a position to defeat Hitler's dog in November, let alone a popular war hero.

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