Friday, March 21, 2008

RIP Revote

It appears that we're not getting that re-vote I wanted, either here or in Florida. Jack Lessenberry has a radio essay on the subject today
So far, the Michigan Democratic party has bobbled two chances to do this right. First, by holding an illegal primary in January, in which none of the candidates campaigned and Obama’s name wasn’t on the ballot. Then, this week, they failed to get the legislature to authorize a privately funded do-over election, The Clinton forces won the PR battle this time, proclaiming that they wanted to let Michigan vote and the Obama people were afraid to.

That wasn’t the full story. Yes. Senator Barack Obama should have joined Hillary Clinton in calling for a free, fair and completely open do-over primary election in Michigan.

But that wasn’t what the Clinton forces wanted here. They wanted a primary that would disenfranchise anybody who voted in the January 15 Republican primary, And many Obama supporters did just that.

That’s because they were told repeatedly and emphatically, as all of us were, that the Democratic primary wouldn’t count. One of the people saying that then was Hillary Clinton. On top of that, voters were not even allowed to write in Obama’s name.

Small wonder that many people voted in the Republican primary, where they could make a difference.

The last chance of having Michigan be represented died yesterday. This is a failure, both of a the state and national Democratic party. What a mess.

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