Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It appears that the Clinton campaign now support a revote in Michigan and Florida.
Last night, as he was celebrating victory in his generally ebullient
manner, Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAullife cryptically referred to the
possibility of a re-vote in Michigan and Florida as part of the Clinton plan for
victory in the primaries... something that echoed a trial balloon floated by
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell earlier in the day.
What's going on here? Is
Hillary Clinton contemplating a call for a revote in Michigan and
Clinton sources last night were mum, and Clinton herself would not
go out on a limb during her round robbin interviews on the morning shows this
But the idea makes a certain amount of sense.
The thinking, here, is
that the ONLY way that Clinton makes up her delegate gap is to get Michigan and
Florida's earned delegates to count. The ONLY way they count is to re-run the
vote under the umbrella of the DNC's rules.
To summarize, unlike Debbie Dingell, Hillaryland realizes that the only way uncle Howard at the DNC is going to allow Michigan and Florida to be seated is for another contest to be held. There is good reason for this, by the way.
I have previously endorsed the idea of having a new contest, and rather think it's not a bad idea. The down side is Clinton could make something of a bigger comeback, especially with her sort-0f turn around. Nevertheless, I think we may be left no choice.
This article discusses the mechanics of the race.
Jack Lessenberry has an essay focusing on the mess that our state Democrats.
Here’s something you may have missed about last night’s primaries. They are
certain to increase focus on the mess Democrats have made in Michigan and
Florida, but especially Michigan.
And Hillary Clinton’s victories in Texas
and Ohio make it all that much more essential that Democrats have some kind of
another vote here. If they don’t, they are not only disenfranchising our
citizens, they will seriously risk losing Michigan in November.
Had Barack
Obama won those states yesterday, that might not have had to happen. Clinton
likely would have given up, and the lovefest convention that followed would have
seated whatever delegation Michigan chose to send.
But now it matters all
too much. Do the math. There is no way now that either Clinton or Obama will
reach the convention in Denver with a majority of the delegates, if they both
stay in the race.
If Obama continues to have more delegates, there is no way
the convention will vote to seat the Michigan or Florida delegations. If Clinton
has more delegates in the end, they could technically vote to seat these two
now-illegal delegations. But the floor fight would rip the party apart. She
would be forced to offer Obama the vice-presidential nomination, and unless he
accepted she would not have a prayer of winning in November. That is, not if
something like fifteen million Obama voters, and the nation’s entire
African-American population, conclude their man was robbed.
Remember, the
party told the candidates not to campaign in our primary. And even Hillary
Clinton, who slyly left her name on the ballot, said publicly that the Michigan
vote wouldn’t and shouldn’t count.
Here’s the simplest, easiest, and best
way to solve all this.
The Democratic Party should announce today that they
will hold caucus on Saturday, April 5th, one month from today. These should be
open to whoever wants to vote in them. The Democrats should set up polling
places and make sure everyone knows where their local one is. They can also
print absentee ballots and maybe even let us vote on the Internet. Democrats
know how to do this, by the way; they did it quite efficiently in 2000 and 2004.

Despite this obvious solution, the elite of our Michigan Democrats still have not endorsed this option, even though the Hillary camp has. Perhaps they think they can deliver the election to Hillary by getting the delegation seated as is. What the Oregon Republicans are in that party (if you recall, the party boss stopped the counting and declared it for John McCain ahead of time), the Michigan Democrats are in this one. I thought the Democrats would miss this golden opportunity up, but I didn't imagine our state leaders would be the ones to do it.

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