Monday, March 17, 2008

Reverend Wright: the Winning Smear

There's been a sizable flap over the discovery of Barack Obama's paster, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. To get the full effect of what the conservatives are running scared about, look here.
To me, the church seems a little kooky ad crazy, but then, I feel the same way about main-stream christianity. This is not particularly disturbing. He breaks taboos, but they're mostly stupid American taboos (comparing 9/11 to actions of the American government etc). Honestly, it doesn't really offend me that the church teaches "commitment to the black community" and "commitment to the black values system". Had Wright denied the Holocaust from the pulpit, I might wonder about Obama's judgement going to such a church, but this really doesn't bother me.
Doubtless as the campaign continues we will hear about the details of Barack Obama's church until we're sick of them. The thing to keep in mind is this is an overblown issue. Wright doesn't speak for Obama, and the people pushing this story know that. Its simply a smear designed to hurt Obama.
Jeremiah Wright on Hannity and Colmes.
Fox News Sunday is pounding and pounding this issue.
From TPM
What drives me crazy is how this could have been avoided so easily if Wright was the slightest bit media-savvy. Had he merely controlled his tongue and limited himself to advocating an attack on Iran to encourage massive worldwide Muslim attacks leading to a fulfillment of the biblical prophecy of end-times and bringing about Armageddon and the summary slaughter of every Jew, Muslim, Catholic, and non-believer on the planet while rapturing him and his flock up to heaven, then followed it up by denouncing Catholics as cult members and blaming Hurricane Katrina on gay people, this story wouldn't be metastasizing like this. One five minute milquetoast repudiation by Obama and it would all be behind him.

But what does Wright do instead? He spews this vile "God damn America" bile. What a psycho.

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