Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Politics and Prostitution

The service Eliot Spitzer used had a starting rate of $500 (nevermind the website says it was $5,500). Damn, I don't often see that kind of money. Wonkette, a blog which likes to talk about sex in politics, has the pictures from the Emperor's Club VIP service's website that Spitzer used. The heads are generally cropped, so the costumer examines the bodies (I guess for anonymity). Then it rates them with diamonds.Hmmmmm.
I don't think that prostitution should be a crime, and in the past I've sympathetic to Spitzer and his agenda, but it's hard for me to be too sorry for Spitzer. He built his reputation as Mr. Clean, he'd better live up too it. What he did was incredibly stupid, from a purely political standpoint.It's not as if he has had any problem prosecuting people who did the same thing in the past.
Ultimately, Spitzer is intellectually smart but politically stupid. To think that he could get away with something like this is hubristic.
PS I love how Roger Stone says says there been a "pattern of illegal activity" by Spitzer. Pot calling the kettle black, Stone's a real creeper has been involved in all sorts of illegal activity since Watergate (check the page on him in wkipedia).

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