Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Sick of Clintonites

I'm listening to a woman on Talk of the Nation claim that the idea Clinton should step aside is ascribable to guess what, misogynistic bias.
This case seems extremely sketchy. Their are always calls for the second-runner to drop out. Just because this time the second-place candidate is a woman doesn't mean that these calls are sexist.
I wouldn't be so eager to see Hillary drop out were she running an upstanding campaign. Instead, she seems to feel she is entitled to get the presidency, and knee-cap any Democrat that gets in her way.
Hillary supporters have floated the idea that super-delegates should ignore Obama's lead in both delegates and in the popular vote because she leads by the electoral-college standard. From Ezra Klein.
I think it's impressively cynical for Clinton surrogate Even Bayh, who once said we should abolish the electoral college, to now suggest we ignore the delegate process by which the Democrats choose their nominee and randomly apply an electoral college test instead. And I think it's also impressively cynical that Hillary Clinton, who co-sponsored legislation abolishing of the electoral college, has instructed her campaign to react favorably to the idea.

This has been frustrating: the constant whining about the process, and the transparently opportunistic changes in which contests should be regarded as legitimate (witness her flip-flop on Michigan).
The Clintons are now working with the same "vast right-wing conspiracy" that worked so hard to bring down Bill Clinton. Both of them are fully committed to the objective of bringing down Barack Obama, and as Mao Zedong observed "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". From the New Republic blog.
1) Matt Drudge hyped a photo of Obama in Somali garb that he claimed (and the Clinton campaign declined to deny) Clinton staffers had been circulating.

2) Bill Clinton went on the Rush Limbaugh show on the day of the Texas primary--after Limbaugh had spent days urging GOP voters in the state to cross over and vote for Clinton in order "rig" the election and ensure that Democrats nominated the weaker of their two candidates.

3) The Clinton campaign has been circulating an article in The American Spectator alleging that an Obama adviser, former Air Force chief Merrill McPeak, is an anti-semite and a drunk.

4) When Clinton attacked Obama on Jeremiah Wright yesterday, she did it at an editorial meeting of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the vanity publication of Richard Mellon Scaife, while sitting next to Scaife himself.

When this primary (finally) ends, whether Clinton loses or manufactures some amazing comeback, there will be two interesting storylines regarding her campaign. The first will be how she was unprepared for the nomination contest to go beyond the February 5 “Super Tuesday” round of primaries and caucuses--how her "inevitability" campaign led her inevitably to being caught flat-footed. The second will be how, after that point, she was prepared to do just about anything to recover footing and/or knock Barack Obama off his, of which the Scaife meeting is only the latest episode.

That's it, I'm sick of the Clintons and their mainstream Machiavellianism. I wasn't unfavorably disposed to them in the beginning, but as the time has gone on, they've looked worse and worse. Time to rap this thing up. The Democratic establishment needs to intervene. Gore, Pelosi, Edwards time for an intervention.


Matt said...

Bill being on Limbaugh's show?
Articles fed to the American Spectator?
Meeting with Scaife?
Get 'em out of the party!

Sage said...

I'm still not sure that either of them should feel pressured to drop out at this point. There are still states left, and I feel like they should still get a say (even if Michigan and Florida aren't now...). I don't think it's really NECESSARY, even though I do understand that the Dems need time to rally around one candidate and heal blah blah blah. I definitely think Obama should get the nomination, leading in almost every measurable way, but I don't mind Hillary making her case for a few months longer. She probably won't get it together anyway.