Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guest Post: Matt S.

While McCain is going to start getting hammered after this coming Sunday's revelation about his relationship with Hagee, there is another potential front that is going to start opening up a bit more in the coming weeks: his Bush-like gaffes concerning basic facts of the Iraq War.

About 3 or 4 times in the past week, John McCain has made false claims about the supposed link between Iran and al Qaeda. It started at a press conference when he said Iranian operatives are "taking al-Qaeda into Iran, training them, and sending them back." This isn't true. Iran may be training extremists, but they are far more likely to be Shiites than Sunnis, which is the denomination of al Qaeda. Fortunately for McCain, Senator Lieberman stepped in and whispered to him the correct enemy - the extremists.
McCain is trying to paint himself as the military experience man, but with this latest episode, I'm starting to think that my disagreements with his policy might go a little deeper than me being a pacifist and him being a war hawk. If Lieberman, who's quoted as saying that McCain is "almost always right on the big issues in foreign policy," has to correct McCain on a relatively simple (ie. I can find the facts in any newspaper) issue like whether it's extremists or al Qaeda being trained by Iran, perhaps the Democrats will just have to make a few old people jokes during our cakewalk to the White House. I don't think the American people will want another Alzheimer's president, and I don't think we can afford another uncurious one either.

In other news, the President is still ratcheting up his rhetoric on Iran, no matter how wrong he is.


Matt said...

I hope this post isn't a bad first one, I still need to get used to making non-rant, thought out and well written arguments in short amounts of time.

sockrateaser said...

Good work.