Monday, March 24, 2008


If you haven't seen the anything about this movie, I will explain. A number of scientists were tricked into being in the movie by being told they would be in a serious documentary on the subject. I can't help but think of the Da Ali G show: gaining access to experts so as to ask them dumb questions.
At any rate, Dawkins was featured in the documentary, as was Professor PZ Meyers. Both attended the film's premier, however Meyer's was expelled from the premises by Mark Mathis, the film's producer, a move that instantly made the movie a laughingstock (well, more of a laughing-stock).
Dawkins has a review of the movie, which also comments on the Myers flap. He has some harsh words: the film is "a shoddy, second-rate piece of work" with a "whiny, paranoid" tone. One is tempted to say that Dawkins may be biased, however, one should watch the trailer before concluding this. My conclusion upon viewing the trailer: it's obvious Dawkins is on the mark.

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