Monday, March 3, 2008

Denuciations and Double-Standards

One theme the Hillary camp has constantly been beating on is that Obama has been given a free-ride by the media, while this same made has been unfairly hostile toward Hillary. It's true, the MSM has indeed given Hillary a hard time, partly for good reasons and partly for silly reasons. This style of media-bashing is a clever tactic, reminiscent of the way the right constantly bashes the so-called liberal media. Generally this kind of tactic results in more favorable coverage.
While it is true that Obama has gotten much better coverage than Hillary, I would point out here that were Obama in the same straights as Hillary (having lost 11 contests in a row and with no reasonable hope of catching up), he would not be treated as a viable candidate the way she is. I'd also point out that her supposed experience hasn't really been questioned either, even though this supposed strong suit isn't nearly as strong as her campaign makes it out to be.

One thing that frustrates me is the double-standard whereby Obama is smeared with guilt-by-association with anti-semite Louis Farrakhan, a smear which the slimy Tim Russert was happy to propagate. Yet when John McCain was endorsed by bigoted Pastor John Hagee is was hardly considered a big deal. John McCain has called the media "his base" (it's no wonder that the right-wing doesn't like him)- but seriously, they can hardly let him off the hook for this.

To be fair, the media didn't completely ignore this.

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