Monday, March 31, 2008

Democracy, a sometimes bitch

A few days back Ewan wrote a piece about how he was sick of the Clintons. Heres a brief rebuttal. While I'm no big fan of the Clintons myself, I think Bill's presidency is more than a little overrated, the Democratic party, even the left wing of it where Ewan calls home, owes the too much to this dynamic duo to now just call them sore losers and demand that Hillary get out of the race.  I'll get to why we democrats owe bill and hill so much in a second but to begin with Hillary should not be compelled to bow out because she hasn't lost.  There are still ten contests left plus the disputed results of the Michigan and Florida contests.  Now if Hillary does well in these coming primaries as she is expected to do she most surely will not pass or even catch Obama among total delegates. But she will likely cut his popular vote lead down significantly, and if the party does the right thing, which it looks less and less likely to do and holds re do primaries in Michigan and Florida Hillary could very possibly pass Obama.  By the way someone give me a credible explanation about why these florida and michigan delegates shouldn't be seated according to their original results.  I mean they, held contests and it happened to be that Obama's name was  not on the ballot.   That's not Hillary's fault.  Moreover, she didn't do anything wrong by having her name on the ballot.  she abided by the ridiculous DNC rules against campaigning in these two massively important swing states and yet millions of people still came out to vote for her.  His name not being on the ballot in these states in no way amounts to voter disenfranchisement, but if his campaign succeeds in keeping FL and MI's delegates from being seated at the convention that will be.  Now to the real crux of my argument, democrats owe the Clintons.  Third Way, triangulation, New Democrat for all the bitching and moaning you hear from the far left about these Clintonite concepts, before Clinton brought these to the democratic platform all the People's Party had was the leftover broken policies of the Great Society and twelve years of losing with incompetent candidates like Dukakis and Mondale. Clinton helped revive the spirit in this party that we are the party of the everyday working people whether they be black, white or otherwise.  He helped end the ridiculous compulsion within our party to constantly want to look around and blame some else for America's problems but never actually stand up and take responsibility, ala affirmative action, welfare, ect.  For her part Hillary, despite the propaganda spread by the Obama people that she played the usual role of hostess with the mostess during her White House years, was a unprecedented first lady. Her trip to Beijing in 1995 where she spoke out for human rights and challenged the chinese government over the issue was an incredible event.  The speech was powerful and I would submit far more important than any Obama has given to date. The speech also demonstrates that she has a sense of moral rectitude and clarity that her husband's foreign policy often seemed to lack.   Finally the Clinton's showed the democrats how to win again.  They rebuilt the New Deal coalition of African Americans and working class white males also known as Reagan democrats also known as the people Barack Obama can not win.  And they did it while battling back the most vicious hate machine American politics has ever seen.  And why? not because they're power hungry masochists. No they did it because they believe in America and are trying to change it for the better. For all their faults, and the Clintons have plenty, they are as they advertise, ready and tested.  Obama offers neither of these qualities. What he does offer is the abstract promise of change, which in fact all the major candidates offer even John McCain. I could be wrong.  Obama could turn out to be a great president, if elected, but I'm not, at least for now, going to vote for someone based solely on the fact that they can give a good speech.  And I know there are many, many democrats out their that feel the same way. So Hillary has a very good reason to stay in the race.  Finally to all those who fret that this prolonged democratic contest will hurt the eventual nominee all I can say is you may be right, but lets not forget that this is a democracy and sometimes its a bitch but we don't call ourselves democrats for nothing.  If the Obama people want this nomination decided by the people as they claim then lets let that happen.  The people in these next ten contests deserve to have their say, and we ought not bemoan that we ought to applaud it.  This is not the time for the super delegates to step in, be it Gore, Edwards and certainly not that total failure Pelosi, its time for the utterly biased news media and pundits to shut up and let the people choose the nominee. 


Matt said...

And by leadership I mean she does some good things and usually keeps party line, but I'd like her to be a little less bipartisan. You don't have to bend over backwards politically just to play nice.

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wait... what happened to my original comment?