Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Comeback Kid

Ohio has tipped pretty favorably toward Hillary, while Texas is too close to call. Vermont and Rhode Island predictably went to Obama and Hillary, respectively. I don't think that the Clinton campaign can catch up to Obama, but perhaps the toughness of these races means Obama is not as strong a general-election candidate as I hoped earlier (though clearly better than Hillary).
The muddle that emerges probably won't put Hillary in the position that she can win, it will merely make Obama a weaker eventual nominee (making a 2012 Hillary run more likely? Perish the thought!) Probably the real winner tonight is John McCain. I'm biting my nails about the idea of a brokered convention, especially with Michigan and Florida in limbo. As much as a brokered convention makes reporters salivate, it would be a disaster for Democrats. Damn.

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