Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thoughts on the Oscars

>John Stewart is a really, really good host.

>Tilda Swinton (winner- best supporting actress) is so, so strange. She compared the "buttucks" of the Oscar to that of her agent and claimed George Clooney wore a batman suit "with the nipples" under his suit and hung upside down during lunch break. What a weird lady.

>It is bizarre that Diablo Cody can go from "exotic dancer" (stripper) to winner of Best Original Screenplay. What a great world we live in.

>The closest thing to a surprise was when Marion Cotillard won for best actress for her role Edith Piaf in La Mome.

>It's really nice that "Once" which otherwise got little recognition was able to pull off Best Song and get a little recognition. What a wonderful little movie.

>A lot of the winners for best picture aren't very good, and others are good but not great. This years winner- "No Country for Old Men", is not in this category. I very much recommend it, if you can take it.

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