Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Telecom Immunity

Bush has been pushing for immunity for telecom companies complicit in the administrations spying on americans. Recently, there was a vote to strike these provisions. According to a roll-call
vote, Barack Obama was in favor (that is to say, opposed to immunity), McCain was opposed and Hillary Clinton... did not vote.
I love it how Clinton as been criticizing Obama for present votes (even though these were part of party strategy), yet she doesn't vote on something as important as this.
The senate grants retroactive immunity, and it's not even close, 67-31. TPM has all of the Democratic cross-overs.
They also voted down another oversight amendment.


politics watch said...

My party is a sack of shit. I KNOW there are some progressives out there somewhere....

sockrateaser said...

Well, about 31 in the Senate. I guess it's a start.