Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Small-Minded Attack on Obama

It appears we have seen the game plan as far as the right attacking Obama.
Obama has other problems. The AP reports that conservatives are gearing up to go after his patriotism. (Michelle + lapel pin + no hand over heart photo.)

I'd be more inclined to wave this off as bluster if I hadn't just gotten an email from a relative in Ohio who says, coincidentally, "I still run into people who think Obama is a closet muslim and refuses to salute the flag , can you believe that?"

Unfortunately, yes.

This is both silly and ugly, but it's nice to know what attack thy're going to use. As the, this dovetails nicely with the charge that he is a Muslim "manchurian candidate".
Can they get away with it and not get called or laughed at. The right-wing smear machine has a history of getting away with pretty pretty outrageous attacks (see "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth"). Still, this seems pretty brazen.

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