Sunday, February 10, 2008

Religious History

Another of those moving maps, on the evolution of religions. I love it how it treats the births of Krishna and Abraham, both mythological figures, as actual events.

An angel prevents the sacrifice of Isaac. Abraham and Isaac

The story of Abraham always seemed to me a good reason as to why one should not believe in this sort of thing.


matt said...

the way the earth is flat in this map gives the impression that christianity is the most populous or geographically possessive of the world religions. Fortunately, I am aware that many of those regions are sparsely populated, or, populated by bastard offshoots of christianity like the latin and african traditions that mix native and christian traditions.

sockrateaser said...

That's true. Christianity is the most wide-spread (I think), but the map is misleading.

PNRJ said...

Yes, Christianity is in fact the most widespread religion, either by land area or by population (CIA World Factbook).

Still, this whole idea of having maps for an ideology bothers me very deeply; we don't have maps of monetarists and Keynesians, do we?

PNRJ said...

Or maybe I'm just mad that there wasn't a little line for "atheism" stretching back all the way to the dawn of the human race and by now colored in for Canada, Europe, and Australia.

sockrateaser said...

I also have various problems with the map, too.
I suppose people map ideologies such as communism and fascism, but that seems a little more reasonable because it's a matter of regimes.