Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Campaign Blogging

Clinton Camp Presses Super Delegates Not To Take Sides
It appears the Clinton campaign is trying to tell Super Delegates not to make up their minds to fast. For all those who worried that the Clinton machine would use Super-delegates to subvert the will of the people (I was never worried) you can breath easy.
It strikes me that though the Clinton campaign says she's the candidate of action and not of words, in the campaign has been the opposite. While the Clinton campaign has been spinning, the Obama campaign has been doing serious grass-roots organizing. Needless to say, spinning is much easier than organizing, though, watching Mark Penn spin, I am struck by how bad the Clintons are at that as well. The idea of a spin is to make you look good, not to paint yourself as a Machiavellian.
I based on the performance of the Clinton campaign under fire, I am more than a little glad that that's not the campaign that will be facing John McCain in the fall.

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