Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bush on Earmarks

One annoying thing that Bush has been doing is calling for "earmark reform". An earmark is simply a way for congress to designate funds. The term only became synonymous with pork in the Delay era when these were used to cement Republican control. It was Democratic critics that used the term "earmarks" in criticizing Delay's rule, and now Bush is using this weapon against its makers.
The hypocrisy is maddening. Bush didn't care about when earmakrs proliferated, but now that the Dems have control, it's a cudgel.

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matt said...

erm, that's pretty much the way to describe Everything the republicans have done in the last few years. everything from filibusters, various congressional rules, quorums, earmarks, what have you, they radically changed their positions. For example, they filibustered so many judges of Clinton's there was a 170-ish judge deficit when bush came in. then they cried that there was a judicial deficit and the democrats were destroying democracy by filibustering right wing judges.

In other news, Wal Mart is spying on you, ssort of.