Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Bombing Pakistan Smear

I was going to write a post on the falsehood that "Obama wants to bomb Pakistan". However, Jon Chait got there first. He debinks it in a post at the New Republic. Here's his conclusion.

So, to review: Obama did not call for bombing Pakistan, ever. Meanwhile the Bush administration is undertaking air attacks against targets in Pakistan. Is this wildly irresponsible? I suppose you could make that case. But McCain isn't interested in an argument about the merits of striking al Qaeda against the costs of undermining Pervez Musharraf. He's just interested in lying about what Obama said in order to portray him as a foreign policy novice.

This is even more frustrating considering it is McCain who wants to use our military power dangerously and unnecessarily. Will the press focus on that, or on this misconstruing of Obama's position? Stay tuned.

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