Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad News for Obama

Bill Kristol thinks Obama is going to win. This is bad news for the Obama camp, Kristol has an almost perfect record of calling things the wrong way.
When Kristol was hired at the Times there was an outrage among bloggers. Why were they hiring a neo-conservative extremist who is never right, and moreover someone who said the the NYT should be proscecuted for treason?
To me, these concerns are less important. The only reason I'm mad at the Times for hiring him is he's simply a bad writer.

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matt said...

I just read a yahoo news editorial from somewhere saying obama might not win because he can't "close". AKA people who decide at the last minute opt for comfort over uncertain change, and additionally race has helped the clintons in certain primaries, etc., and also that many people feel bad and don't want to "punish" the clintons. I don't understand why anyone hasn't made up their mind by election day, at least in a contest between someone we know really well and a guy who promises change.