Monday, February 11, 2008

Back in the USSR

In Washington state the GOP stopped counting, then the head of the Washington GOP (Luke Esser) declared McCain the winner. I referred to this as the Washington GOP scandal (now, 93% have been counted, when they declared the race only 87% had been.)
Here's Luke Esser's rationalization.
Maybe it would have been safer if I hadn't said anything. But it was an exciting and historic day for the state and I thought if I was confident about what the outcome would be I should share that with the people who had gone out to their caucuses.
Unsurprisingly, Esser's patron is McCain's state campaign chairman.
Can you think of a dumber way of trying to rig an election? They called the election before it was finished and then try to wait until everyone forgets. You'd have trouble making that fly in the Eastern Bloc.
What's really outrageous here is the stakes are so low. Huckabee is toast and McCain is inevitable either way. Esser was willing to ignore the democratic wishes of his own party just to avoid further embarressing the inevitable nominee (though this is the sort of thing that ought to embarress a nominee).

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