Friday, February 1, 2008

Anticipating The Oscars

I don't know if my sister reads this blog (I'm thinking probably not), but if she does, this post is dedicated to her.
The nominees have been up for a while. I am guessing you aren't that interested in the more peripheral ones (best shoelaces etc), and zero in, like me, on best film, director, actor etc.

The list under best picture:
Michael Clayton
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood

I haven't seen Atonement, but it won the Golden Globe, but people have speculated that my two favorite movies of the year ("No Country"and "Blood") will split the murder in the west vote, leaving Atonement to win the award.
I haven't yet seen Atonement, so I can't say that the other two are better than it. I can say, though, that those two are as good as any film in recent memory, and better than some recent Best Picture winners (Crash, The Departed etc, which are good movies, don't get me wrong).

Daniel Day-Lewis is tipped to take home the Best Actor, and Javier Bardem ("No Country") best supporting.

Certain movies have gotten jipped. Why are three songs nominated from Enchanted but only one from Once? More on the Oscars later.


PNRJ said...

Atonement was... strange. Interesting, but strange. It had a very confusing chronology, and a weird and unsatisfying ending; plus it was really slow. But the cinematography was impressive and the soundtrack was amazing. (It better win something for the soundtrack.)

sockrateaser said...

I'll have to see it.