Monday, January 28, 2008

Bush's Swan Song

Take heart... this mediocre speech is the beginning of the end of our eight-year national nightmare.
I remember Clintons last State of the Union. Even though I was 12, I remember how substantive and eloquent the speech was. Bush's speech, not so much.
What stands out: more dishonesty. Bush distorts the effect of his tax-cut by counting on Americans to not understand averages. He calls on congress to make the tax-cuts permanent (never mind when he made the cuts, he argued they could be budgeted precisely because they will expire).
His lines about our "success" in Iraq got lots of applause from the Republicans. Do they think they have a winning political issue on there hands? Don't even try it.
Afterward, I heard Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader saying that Americans believe that our strategy in Iraq is succeeding. If he checked the polls, he’d see something different. He did cite a poll showing the economy was becoming more important to Americans than the war and (incorrectly) deduced from this that Americans think the war is going well.
I even heard a Weekly Standard apparatchik on NPR saying that praising not just the surge but the overall handling of the war. Bah.

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